Is there lead in my water?

lead sample

There is no lead in the water when it leaves the Sebago Lake Water Treatment Facility. PWD has always been in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule, and has met the standard since 2001.

If there is lead present, it originates at the tap from household plumbing. While we meet the federal lead standards it is possible a small number of homes in our system have lead levels that exceed the level considered safe. Lead levels may be of particular concern for homes built between 1982-1986. Since we first tested for lead in the early 1990s, we have adjusted our treatment at Sebago Lake in an effort to lower the number of homes exceeding the lead standard.

Regardless of where you live, when your home was built, or your source of drinking water, you should always use the cold-water-tap when drawing water for cooking or drinking. Hot water can dissolve metal from pipes more effectively than cold.

To be sure the water you drink is low in lead, simply run the water for a short time (until it is cold) before using it for making baby formula, cooking or drinking. Running the water flushes your pipes and draws fresh water directly from the main.

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