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Sebago Lake

Document Library

General Information

PWD Terms and Conditions

PWD Billing and Rates

MEANS Project Fees and Deposits

Cross Connection Guidelines

Construction Specifications

Table of Contents and Revision Schedule

Section I: General Information 

Section II: Water Main Construction

Section III: Water Main Material Specifications

Section IV: Water Main Extension Documents

Section V: Sewer Main Construction

Standard Details

Meter Sets and Interior Piping

Backflow Prevention Configuration, effective 1/1/19

Horizontal Meter Installation(.675 - 1"), effective 1/1/19

Horizontal Meter Installation - Inline (.675 - 1") effective 5/31/22

Horizontal Meter Installation (1.5 - 2"), effective 1/1/19

Horizontal Meter Installation (> 2" meter) - contact MEANS

Residential Fire Sprinkler System, effective 1/1/19

Vertical Meter Installation, effective 1/1/19

Meter Bypass Installation, effective 1/1/19

Meter Booster System Installation, effective 1/1/19

Meter Pits/Vaults

Small Meter Pit, effective 1/1/19

Meter Vault (> 2" meter ) - contact MEANS

Standard Details for Water and Sewer Main Construction

Standard Water Details

Sewer Manhole Detail

Sewer Trench Detail

Water Main Extensions

Main Extension Agreement (rev 2/1/16)

Certificate of Title and Project Acceptance

New Services

Approved Tapping Contractors

Hydrant Flow Test Request Form

Policies Relating to Main Extensions and New Services

Policy 650 - Water Main Extension and Service Line Rule

Water Main and Service Line Appeals (Section 27)

Policy 620 - Water Service Standards

Chapter 675 - Infrastructure Surcharge

General PWD Policies

Private Entities Working On or Around Existing or Proposed PWD Infrastructure

Bond Issuance Procedure Policy

Delinquent Payment Interest Policy

Water Rate Change Policy

Remote Meeting Policy

Policy 870 - Late Payment Charges

PWD Water Main Extension Policies

Limits of Water Main Extensions

Specifying Water Main Size

PWD Financial Contribution to Main Extensions