Construction - Water Pipes

Main Extensions and New Services

The Portland Water District defines a MEANS project as one that:

Proposes new water or sewer infrastructure to be incorporated into the District distribution and collection systems, or
Proposes to modify existing water or sewer infrastructure currently in the District’s distribution and collection system


Is driven by a private developer, potential customer, or municipal agency installing new infrastructure to serve a private site.

The Portland Water District is a quasi-municipal organization and does not use revenue from rates to expand the system unless it is needed to improve current services. Developers, residents, businesses, and municipalities find they have a need for public water and wastewater and seek to connect, develop and extend the systems. Therefore, those requesting to be newly served must bear all costs associated with development, including those costs borne by the District in administering the project through approval and acceptance.

The MEANS Group must be contacted in the early stages of a new project so that any conditions of service can be properly noted. Refer to the listing below for more information on the approval process tracks for specific project types.

New Infrastructure

Water Main Extensions

Any site seeking water service where the property does not abut a public water main will likely require a water main extension to provide service.

New Water Service Lines

Any site which where the property abuts a public water main can likely be served by connecting directly to the water main at a point along the site's frontage.

New Facilities

In special circumstances, PWD may take ownership of a privately designed and constructed water booster station, sewer pump station, or other facility.

Sewer Service

Sites proposing to discharge wastewater directly to a new or PWD-owned sewer main or to a municipal collector sewer which flows to a PWD-owned treatment plant.

Changes in Site Use

Site Changes Impacting Water Usage Needs

Any site that has changing water demands or where there is a plan to modify the configuration of the service lines in the public way or on private property.

Site Changes Affecting Existing PWD Pipes or Facilities

Any site that is planning construction that will require relocation, modification or will otherwise impact active PWD infrastructure.

Site Changes Impacting Existing PWD Land or Easements

Any site that has an activity that proposes to encroach upon existing PWD land interests.