What is a Submeter and how will it lower my wastewater bill?

If you do a lot of outside watering, you could lower your wastewater bill by purchasing a submeter.

A submeter measures water from your outside faucet that doesn’t enter the wastewater system. The amount of water measured by the submeter is not billed municipal wastewater charges.

The submeter program is managed by the Portland Water District on behalf of the municipality (Portland, Windham, Westbrook, Gorham, Cumberland, Cumberland, Cape Elizabeth, South Portland).  Some municipalities require application fees and plumbing inspections.

Process and Application

Meter Size and Type Cost Sales Tax Total
5/8" Zenner $228.53 $12.57 $241.10
3/4" Zenner $255.60 $14.06 $269.66
1" Zenner $272.28 $14.98 $287.26
1.5" Zenner $419.36 $23.06 $442.42
2" Zenner $490.13 $26.96 $517.09