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Water Main Replacement Program

The Portland Water District has been serving Greater Portland communities with Sebago Lake water for more than 100 years and upgrading and maintaining the system since 1908. The Portland Water District invests roughly $7 million a year in water main renewals. Since 1985, reported leaks have been reduced due to the effectiveness of this program, even with the continued aging of existing water mains.

The District’s goal with the Water Main Replacement Program is to provide a reliable distribution system designed and maintained to enhance public health and safety.  Water main replacement involves replacing existing water mains with new ones to improve water flow characteristics and to improve service to our customers.  Mains are identified for replacement according to numerous criteria, including:

  • Partnering opportunities with municipal and MDOT road reconstruction and combined sewer overflow (CSO) projects
  • Opportunities to improve water quality or address water quality concerns 
  • Leak frequency
  • Aging infrastructure and/or outdated water main material
  • Critical loop feeds (eliminating dead ends based on flow characteristics)

Main replacement projects are typically scheduled for construction between April and November.


This page was last updated 02/24/2023.


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Oakhurst Neighborhood Area Main replacement – Hermit Thrust Road, Glenden

Contractor: TBD

The District is replacing 1,000 feet of 1940 Galvanize pipe on Hermit Thrust and Glenden Road.                                                                                                                

Schedule - Spring 2023

Ridgeway Ave – South Street to Dead End

Contractor: TBD 

The District is replacing 500 feet of 2”-1946 - 1950 Galvanize pipe on Ridgeway Ave.

Schedule: Spring/Summer 2023

Highland Ave Ext – Lincoln Street to Dead End

Contractor: TBD     

The District is replacing 240 feet of 2”-1933 Galvanize pipe on Highland Ave Ext.


Schedule: Spring/Summer 2023

Old Oak Lane – New Portland Rd to Dead End

Contractor: TBD  

The District is replacing 350 feet of 2” - 1939 Galvanize pipe on Old Oak Lane.  

  Schedule: Spring/Summer 2023

Douglas Street – Morrill Ave  to Corner

Contractor: TBD 

The District is replacing 160 feet of 2” -1955 Galvanize pipe on Douglas Street.

  Schedule: Spring/Summer 2023

Holm Ave/Barron Center

Contractor: Glidden

The District will replace 1,600 feet of old undersized 1931 - 8” cast iron with new 12” ductile iron pipe through the Barron Center property to Holm Ave and along Holm Ave to Forest Avenue. 

Schedule: Spring 2023

Duck Pond Road - North entrance at Route 302 - 2,200 ft. to the east

Contractor: Gorham Sand & Gravel

The District will replace 2,200 feet of old 1961 - 10” cast iron with multiple leaks with new 12” ductile iron pipe.   

Schedule: 80% completed  

Main Street - Depot Street to River Road

Contractor: TBD

The District will replace 3,600 feet of old 1952 - 8” cast iron with multiple leaks with new 16” ductile iron pipe.    

Schedule: Start Spring of 2024

High Street - Depot Street to Holly Lane

Contractor: TBD

The District will replace 1,000 feet of old 1913 - 8” cast iron with new 8” ductile iron pipe.    

Schedule: Start of Spring 2023

If you would like more information on these or other water main renewal projects please contact the Asset Management and Planning Group at (207) 774-5961 ext. 3043.