water main pipe

Construction & Development

The treatment and distribution of potable water to fire protection systems, homes, and business and the collection and treatment of wastewater require the proper functioning of many infrastructure assets. Current water and wastewater assets are valued in excess of $300 million. In addition, each year, the Portland Water District Board of Trustees approves a capital improvement plan that includes approximately $11 million dollars in water and wastewater investments. Those investments are critical in providing reliable, quality services to our customers.

Regularly developers, residents, businesses, and municipalities find they have a need for public water and wastewater and extend the system. The Portland Water does not use water and wastewater rates to expand the system unless it is needed to improve current services. Therefore, those requesting to extend the systems to serve new customers, must bear the costs. Similarity, new construction needs to be connected to the systems if it is within our service area. Specific guidelines must be followed to ensure proper functioning and reliability.