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Please provide three work references to whom you have known for at least a year, including 2 supervisors from prior employers.

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Do you have the full physical, mental, emotional and medical ability to do the job for which you have applied, with or without a reasonable accommodation?

Read carefully before signing.

I understand that the purpose of this form is to provide individuals with a standard format by which they may apply for employment with the Portland Water District. It does not constitute or imply an employment contract, nor does its completion qualify me for employment consideration. In the absence of a clear, written agreement, signed by the General Manager, each employee is hired for an indefinite period and is an employee-at-will.

Public Law 91-508 requires that the Portland Water District advise you that an investigative consumer report, which provides information concerning your character and general reputation, may be used in the processing of your application. Upon written request, information as to the nature and scope of this report, if one is requested, will be provided.

I hereby authorize: the Portland Water District and its representatives to make any legal investigation of my background/work history deemed necessary and my previous employers to release information about my work history to the Portland Water District.

The Portland Water District strives to provide a safe workplace for employees by following applicable health and safety regulations, and implementing Maine and Federal CDC Guidelines.
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Should I be made an offer of employment by the District, the offer will be contingent on me taking and having a satisfactory result, a medical exam along with a drug and alcohol screening. If hired, as a condition of continued employment with the District, I agree to abide by and observe all the policies and practices of this municipality.
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I hereby certify that all of the information provided on this application form is truthful, accurate, and complete. I understand that any omission or misrepresentation of information requested/provided in this application may result in my disqualification of employment consideration or my dismissal from employment, if I have been hired.

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