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How do I read my residential water meter?

Where to find your meter?

Water meters can be installed in various locations. Typical locations include the basement, hall closet, or in a meter pit in your yard. They should be installed in a warm, dry place, protected from drafts and the cold. If you can not locate your meter, please contact us, and we will assist you.

Automatic meters are used and allow meters to be read without stepping foot on private property. The new meters have reduced estimated reads and increased efficiencies..

How to read your meter?

Reading your water meter is similar to reading the odometer in your car. Read all the numbers from left to right. Do not include the numbers after the decimal point or the numbers with a black background. Submeters are read in the same way.

How do you calculate your water usage?

To calculate your water usage, subtract the (P) previous meter reading from the (C) current meter reading. In the Meter Example, the water consumption was 3 hundred cubic feet. (Meter Example: 900-897=3)Click here to see what your water usage means in dollars and cents.

Converting HCF to gallons

For billing purposes, PWD measures water consumption in hundred cubic feet (HCF) every month. But you can easily calculate your usage in gallons.

There are 748 gallons in one hundred cubic feet.

Multiply the number of HCF by 748 gallons to determine the number of gallons used.


Meter Example:

3 x 748 = 2,244 gallons

Using your meter to find a leak

Your water meter is an important conservation tool. In addition to providing you with information about how much water you are using, reading your meter can also help you detect leaks in your household plumbing.

To check for a leak you must first turn off all faucets inside and outside your house. Be certain the toilet is not flushed and the automatic ice cube maker is not operating when performing this task.

When the water is turned off, the low flow indicator should not move. Depending on the type of meter you have, the indicator is a black or red triangle.