Boil Water Order

Due to a water main break on Preble Street in Portland, the Portland Water District has issued a Boil Water Order for a portion of Munjoy Hill: Northeast of Sheridan Street.  Please see the map on second page for area impacted. 


The boil order is in effect as of 10:30  p.m., February 16, 2017.

As a precaution, consumers are directed to boil water for 1 minute at a rolling boil before


making ice cubes

washing food

brushing teeth

Or in any other activity involving consumption of water

Boiling water kills bacteria and other organisms that could potentially be in the water. This Order shall remain in effect until further notice. Water samples will be collected and results will be available in approximately 24-hours.

Questions regarding this notice should be directed to:

Portland Water District

State of Maine Drinking Water Program




Updates will be provided at and on our Facebook page and through frequent media contact.  You can also find more information like frequently asked questions on our web site.  Please share this information with other people who drink this water