Looking Over Sebago Lake

Lower Bay Protection Zones/Security

Check out this video to learn more about these protection zones

PWD withdraws drinking water from Sebago Lake’s Lower Bay at the lake’s southern end. To protect the water quality, in 1913 the Maine State Legislature created a law which establishes restricted access zones in Lower Bay  “for the purpose of protecting the purity of the waters.”

No Trespassing Zone

According to this law no trespassing is allowed within 3,000 feet of the intake pipes. This No Trespassing zone is marked by prominent buoys during the open water season and with ice flags in the winter.

No Bodily Contact Zone

Within two miles of the intakes  no swimming, wading, or other bodily contact is allowed. This No Bodily Contact zone is also clearly marked with buoys and signs. Boating is allowed within this zone but no human contact with the water is allowed. PWD security staff is active all year, particularly during the summer, patrolling the lake and watershed to ensure that legal controls are enforced. Violation of restriction zones may result in fines of up to $2,500. 


Why is boating allowed in Lower Bay but swimming is not?