Looking Over Sebago Lake

Sebago Lake

Sebago Lake is the water source for Greater Portland, 15% of Maine's population. Sebago Lake is exceptionally clear and soft - clean enough to be exempt from the expensive filtration process required of most surface water sources.

The lake covers 30,000 acres. The watershed is more than 50 miles long, stretching from Bethel to Standish and includes parts of 24 towns.

Clearly, the lake is one of Maine's most important natural resources. What makes Sebago Lake so unique is that it doubles as a recreation destination and a water supply. Together, the Portland Water District, area residents, town and state officials, and tourists defend the lake against potential contaminants to ensure the exceptional quality remains for generations to come.

History of Sebago Lake

Bring Sebago Lake Home

Stop by or contact the Sebago Lake Ecology Center to order your Images of Sebago Lake Calendar or Sebago Lake map.

Maps are approximately 17 by 28 inches and include a contour map on the reverse side.