sebago lake buoy

Sebago Lake Monitoring Buoy

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2023: Dissolved Oxygen | Temperature

2022: Dissolved Oxygen | Temperature

2021: Dissolved Oxygen | Temperature

2020: Due to COVID the buoy was not deployed

2019: Dissolved Oxygen | Temperature

2018: Dissolved Oxygen | Temperature

Sebago Lake Monitoring Data 

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The Sebago Lake Monitoring Buoy is a real-time data buoy located in Sebago Lake’s Lower Bay.  It records and wirelessly transmits data on temperature and dissolved oxygen to the internet. These data are studied by PWD scientists and Saint Joseph’s College of Maine researchers, professors, and environmental science students. The buoy was partially funded by a Water Resources Sustainability Research Grant from the University of Maine.  Saint Joseph’s College and the Portland Water District applied for and received the grant to support sustainable water resource management, lake research, undergraduate research training, and community engagement.

These real time data are provided to the public for your convenience and to raise awareness about the physical and ecological dynamics of Sebago Lake.  Due to real-time transmission, data are preliminary and have not yet been reviewed by our scientists.  To report anomalies or concerns with the data, contact our Source Protection Coordinator, Chad Thompson, at



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