Images of Sebago Lake Calendar- 2016


Photos wanted!

The eleventh  Images of Sebago Lake Calendar will be published in December of 2015.  We’re looking for shots that celebrate the natural beauty of Sebago Lake, taken by amateur or hobbyist photographers. High resolution (minimum of 1 MB or 300 dpi at a size of 8 X 10) digital photos are preferred and will be accepted until August 7.  Calendars will be available around Thanksgiving.  Photographers will receive a complimentary calendar!

Please forward the photo along with the following information to the address below. Please note: The PWD email system permits email attachments of up to 10 MB. If you are sending several photos, please email them in batches so the maximum attachment size is not exceeded.

Sebago Lake Calendar
Portland Water District
225 Douglass Street, PO Box 3553
Portland, ME 04104


Information needed:

  • Your name
  • Age (if under 21)
  • Mailing Address (December)
  • Email address
  • Description of the photo, date (month andyear), location, etc.


By providing photos, you agree to allow PWD to use them in the calendar and other materials. For complete submission requirements, please visit


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