Sebago Lake Calendar


Submission requirements – 2022 calendar

The seventeenth Images of Sebago Lake Calendar will be published in the fall of 2021. You are invited to share your photos for consideration. Once submitted, a committee of Portland Water District staff will review and select photos based on many variables. In addition to photos containing Sebago Lake, we will also accept photos of its tributaries – the streams and rivers that flow into the lake. All photographers will receive a complimentary calendar!

Submission requirements:

Each photographer may submit a maximum of FIVE photos total.
Deadline: August 4, 2021.
High resolution photos only: minimum of 1 MB (equivalent to 1024 KB).

Must be at this setting when the photo is taken. Photo resolution cannot be adjusted after it is taken. The internet provides many resources for setting cameras for high resolution photos.

Digital photos preferred. However, if you have a hard copy, please send and we will scan it.
Send uncropped, rectangular photos with a horizontal orientation. Vertical and square photos do not fit in the calendar layout.
Photos must not be altered after they are taken (by color enhancement, filters, etc.).
Photographs must include Sebago Lake or a tributary of Sebago Lake in them somewhere.
When you send your submission, please include: 

1. Your name
2. Email address

3. Age (if under 21)

4. Mailing address for mail sent in early December

5. Month/time of year photo was taken

6. Location of photo

By providing photos, you agree to allow PWD to use them in the calendar and other materials. You will be credited when possible.


Send submissions:

By email to:

* Please note: The PWD email system permits email attachments of up to 30 MB. If you are sending several photos, please email them in batches so the maximum attachment size is not exceeded.


By mail to:

2022 Calendar

Portland Water District

1 White Rock Rd.

Standish, ME 04084