Sebago Lake Symposium


The Sebago Lake Symposium will be held February 2, 2019 at Saint Joseph’s College and will include a series of talks, round tables, and a workshop for teachers.  The event is geared toward lakefront landowners, watershed residents, lake users, lake protection partners, scientists, and teachers. as of 1/11/19 the event is filled. For waitlist, and livestream information, click here.


Come learn about:

  • Sebago’s new real time monitoring buoy
  • The state of the fisheries
  • Climate change and algae
  • Land conservation for water quality
  • E. coli and beach closures
  • How climate and weather affect the lake
  • Invasive species
  • High school lessons that use Sebago Lake data
  • Participant feedback about how the lake has changes over time