Portland Water District announces ‘a day without water’ challenge


Over 22 million gallons of water are treated, delivered, and consumed by Portland Water District customers every day.  Some places do not have access to clean, abundant supplies of water due to contamination, natural disasters, or infrastructure and source limitations. 

October 23rd is Imagine a Day Without Water, a national campaign to raise awareness about the value of water and the efforts needed to ensure clean water for everyone.

In observance of Imagine a Day Without Water, the City of Portland will shut off the Deering Oaks pond fountain and the Portland Water District will scatter signs around the pond to spur awareness, discussion, and action. 

 “Baths, watering plants, putting out fires, and flushing the toilet are just a few activities that would cease without water.  On October 23rd, we urge our customers to join us to accept the Imagine A Day Without Water challenge, and think about what their day would look like with no access to clean, safe water,” stated PWD General Manager Carrie Lewis.

In recognition of Imagine A Day Without Water, the Portland Water District encourages people to think about what their day would be like without water and share it on our social media pages @MyPortlandWater with the hashtag #ValueWater.



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