Loanable Water Education Resources

PWD loans educational resources to support students’ learning about water. We offer complete lesson kits, field equipment, sampling supplies, models, and more.


Loaning requirements:

  • All requests must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to date needed
  • All resources may be loaned for a maximum of two weeks
  • The requestor is responsible for picking up and dropping off resources at the Sebago Lake Protection Office in Standish
  • The resources must be returned in the same condition as they were loaned


To request a resource, please contact the Education Coordinator.


WaterWays Program: Lesson Kits

Kits are available for all lessons offered in our WaterWays Program. Lesson plans, worksheets, and other electronic resources are all available via Google drive. Each kit contains all necessary materials.

WaterWays lessons are designed for a timeframe of one or two class periods (each lasting 50-60 minutes) and a middle school audience of 25 or fewer students.


Lesson kits/topics:


  • “Wonders of the Water Cycle”

Topic: Water cycle

  • “Healthy Water”

Topics: Characteristics of and factors that affect healthy water quality

  • “Water Worries”

Topics: Water pollutants and their impacts on healthy water

  • “What’s a Watershed?”

Topics: Water movement, collection, and watersheds

  • “Build a Buffer”

Topics: Role of plants in water quality protection, stormwater runoff, landscape design

  • “Hold that Pollution!”

Topic: Best management practices improve water quality

  • “Swim for Your Life”

Topics: Life cycle and habitat requirements of Maine’s native brook trout

  • “Benthic Bugs & Bioassessment”

Topic: Using macroinvertebrates to evaluate water quality


Each lesson has its own folder on Google drive, linked above. Feel free to explore!


Water Quality Testing Equipment

Kits and probes to test water chemistry are available, for the following parameters: pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and bacteria. Each resource will be accompanied by laminated, step-by-step instructions designed for middle and high school students.


Macroinvertebrate sampling equipment is also available, including waders, kick nets, trays, and laminated ID charts.


Other Resources

Other loanable resources include the EnviroScape Watershed Model and various water-related curricula. Contact the Education Coordinator about these or other water education resources.