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Do I really need to change out my refrigerator filter every six months? It doesn’t seem to cause any issues.

It may surprise you, but the answer is yes, if the refrigerator or any appliance has a filter, it needs to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s specifications. And here’s why. 

These filters typically have carbon in them. Not only does the carbon filter out any sediment that may be present in the incoming water (this does happen but should be minimal), but it also helps remove or reduce chlorine in the water.  Both of these things you may want.  If you do, then periodic filter replacement will keep the filter doing these things well. If you let it go too long between changes, the carbon in the filter can actually grow bacteria.  Not harmful bacteria, but bacteria none the less that will coat the carbon rendering it ineffective.

So…if you find that your incoming water has sediment and chorine that you personally find excessive and wish to filter out, then do so but stick fairly close to the manufacturer’s specs on replacement.  But, if sediment and minute chlorine levels are not concerns for you, you may wish to remove the filter all together and never have to worry about replacement.