Sebago Lake Water Level

Portland Water District does not control the level of the lake but we do monitor it.  Sebago Lake’s water level is controlled by the Eel Weir Dam at the outlet of the lake and the headwaters of the Presumpscot River. The Eel Weir Dam was first built at the outlet of the lake around 1827 and dam was later raised to its present height in 1884.

The dam is owned by S.D. Warren, a subsidiary of South African Pulp and Paper (SAPPI). SAPPI has controlled the outflow of Sebago Lake and the lake level since 1875 and has a Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) license to do so. For more information about lake level, please visit SAPPI’s blog or call (207) 856-4286.

The gray vertical bars on the chart above represent the lake level range SAPPI must maintain the lake. The red dots represent the lake level.

To view Sebago Lake (Maine) water level data compared to historical water level information, select a year between 1989 and 2022. You may view the water levels in either graphical or tabular form.

graph | table

To view real time lake levels, visit the U.S. Geological Survey's website.