Staples of Alfred and Patterson of South Portland Complete Management School


Portland Water District employees, Ryan Staples (left) and Matthew Patterson (right) have received Management Candidate School (MCS) certification. MCS is a multi-year program which they attended from November 2019 through February 2022.

This program was designed to be completed in one year but delays due to the pandemic extended this particular MCS class into a two-plus-year program.

The graduates along with 19 other water professionals participated in Maine’s management curriculum designed to prepare mid-level drinking water and wastewater treatment plant personnel for career advancement in utility management. The curriculum included personnel management, supervisory skills, labor relations, budgeting, and engineering basics.

The MCS was coordinated by the Maine Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee (JETCC) with support from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Water Environment Association (MEWEA), Maine Water Utilities Association (MWUA) and NEIWPCC. A graduation ceremony was held recently during the annual Maine Water Utilities conference in Augusta.