Notice of Fee Increase:  If you pay your bill through our online bill payment portal, credit card/debit card fees will be increasing, no earlier than February 20, 2023.  There is NO fee to pay using a checking or savings accounts.

Portland Water District Trustees Approve $50.1 Million Budget for 2022


Recently the Portland Water District’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved a combined $50.1 million water and wastewater operating budget which represents a 4.4% increase over 2021.  Much of the increase is attributed to higher biosolids disposal, road construction-related costs, electricity costs, and debt service. 

Also a $30.7 million capital improvement plan was approved.  The plan allocates $10.6 million in water projects, $7.0 million of that to replace aging water mains, and $18.2 million in wastewater projects, $6.0 million of that to upgrade Portland’s East End Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The budget assumes a March water rate adjustment of 3.7%, which is estimated to add an additional $0.81 to a typical monthly water bill. The Board will consider water rate matters in the coming months.

The 2022 Comprehensive Financial Budget can be found on our website at


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