To ensure safe water, PWD advises flushing internal plumbing after prolonged vacancy


The Portland Water District recommends before consuming the water from a residence, office, or building that has been vacant for a long period during the state’s stay-at-home order, you should first conduct a thorough flushing of the internal plumbing. Stagnant water can allow bacteria to grow and can cause unwanted contaminants to leach from pipe materials. 

Generally for smaller buildings not much bigger than a residence, you can flush the internal plumbing by running all spigots for roughly 10 minutes or until the water feels cold and doesn’t seem to be getting colder. Larger buildings will need to be flushed longer.  

Also, if you have a point of entry or point of use (at the tap) filter, or have a water purification system or polisher, you should replace the filter and/or have the system serviced by a professional to make sure it is operating properly.

For more information on how to properly flush your internal plumbing, the links below provide guidance from the Maine Department of Health and the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.


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