Baxter Boulevard Wastewater Force Main Upgrade Project Begins March 14


Construction to replace the Baxter Boulevard Wastewater Force Main will begin on Monday, March 14th and is expected to be complete by Saturday, April 30th. The project will replace approximately 900 feet of wastewater pipe that was originally installed in the late 1970s. Portland Water District has partnered with Sargent Corporation to complete the construction.

The construction will include excavation within the Back Cove walking trail, so in order to maintain pedestrian access during construction, foot traffic will be redirected around the work area. Since it’s an environmentally sensitive area, temporary erosion control measures will be installed and maintained in accordance with the MaineDEP Erosion and Sediment Control Best Management Practices Manual.

The force main is critical infrastructure that conveys wastewater and stormwater pumped from the Baxter Boulevard Pump Station to the East End Wastewater Treatment Plant. This pipe has experienced several breaks in the past nine months, necessitating immediate replacement. The most recent break occurred in January, which required a complete bypass of the underground force main and is the reason above ground pipe is currently adjacent to the Back Cove walking trail. The aboveground pipe will be dismantled and removed once the underground force main pipe has been installed.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact PWD project manager, Helen Newman, at 207-523-5279 or