What is the cost of backflow prevention devices?

Costs vary from a basic residential backflow preventer to a more complex commercial systems. It is best to contact your plumber and get a quote before work begins. 

If I have a grandfathered fire sprinkler system, do I have to install a backflow preventer right away?

No.  Grandfathered fire sprinkler systems are required to install backflow prevention devices when the systems are upgraded or redevelopment to the property occurs. 

What are substantial renovations?

Substantial renovations are defined as renovations where a building’s plumbing system, including the water service to the building is removed, replaced, or expanded.  Renovations need not involve major structural changes to be considered substantial by the District.

What if I choose not to install a backflow device?

If the Cross Connection Control Program indicates that a property needs a backflow prevention device in order to protect public health, a backflow prevention device will need to be installed in order for the property to continue to be served by PWD. Failure to comply with the PWD Cross Connection Control Program may result in a delay of new service activation or suspension of existing service.