How long does it take for online payments to process?

Credit card transactions are authorized immediately and typically take 48 hours to settle. ACH transactions typically take 48 – 72 hours to settle.

Is my credit card and checking account information safe when I pay online?

Absolutely. Invoice Cloud, who processes our payments, will safely store your financial information using Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant systems. This includes truncating (abbreviating) account numbers so that even we do not see your complete account information

What is Account Linking?

Account Linking means that you can link multiple accounts and view and pay all your open bills with a single transaction. When registering bills under the same email address, you are given the option to link the related accounts within the service.


What is PCI Compliance and why is it so important?

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, and compliance with the industry standards is a requirement for those that accept the major credit cards and for software providers who have applications which involve the transmission and/or storage of credit card information.

What is Pay by Text?

Pay by Text is a convenient way to pay your bill by text message. When signed up for Pay by Text, bill notifications will be sent by text message (this is in addition to email notifications) and you will then have the option to pay via text message with your default payment method by simply replying. You may enroll in Pay by Text when making an online payment or by accessing your account and selecting the Pay by Text option. A confirmation will be sent to complete your enrollment.

I’ve read PWD’s Frequently Asked Questions about Online Account and Bill Payments but still need assistance. What should I do?

For additional email assistance, click the Request Support Button at the top of this page. Enter the required information and describe the problem. Click the Send Email Button. Or you can email us directly at customerservice@pwd.org . You will receive an email response in 24 hours during normal business hours.


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Can I pay my bill on-line at PWD's website?

Yes you can! Select the Pay My Bill link on the PWD Home Page to either set-up your account (if you are a first time user), or sign in if you are already set-up. Online payments are withdrawn from your checking/savings account or credit/debit card. If you choose checking or savings account, you will be prompted to enter your bank account and routing #. 

There are 4 online payment methods to choose from:


Can you tell me more about Autopay?

What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is a convenient option in which bills will be paid automatically each billing cycle on their due dates using your default credit card or bank account. This will avoid any late fees and free you from having to remember when to pay. Login to your account and click on AutoPay to enroll.

Can I cancel AutoPay?