Why did my usage increase by 1 HCF this month when I know I used the same amount of water for both months?

Your water meter measures whole and fractions of HCF (hundreds of cubic feet), but PWD only bills the whole number; the fraction is ignored. For example, if your water meter measures 2.9 HCF, PWD bills 2 HCF when you actually used almost 3 HCF. The chart below illustrates why you are billed different amounts even though you used the same amount of water two months in a row. For ease of demonstration, assume the 3/1/09 read date was the date a brand new meter was installed.

Reading Date Actual Meter Reading Actual Water Consumed Billed Meter Reading (based on whole #) Billed HCF Actual Water Consumed in Gallons
3/1/09 0000.00 0000 0000 HCF 0
4/1/09 0002.9 2.9 HCF  0002 2 HCF 2,169 (2.9HCF x 748)
5/1/09 0005.80 2.9 HCF 0005 3 HCF 2,169 (2.9HCF x 748)