Due to construction, we will not be conducting a rain barrel sales event in 2024. Please check back in 2025. 

How does PWD know how much water our customers use?

We measure water use in hundred cubic feet, or HCF. One HCF is equal to 748 gallons. How much water is that? An average eight-person hot tub holds only about 500 gallons, so less than one HCF. It would take about 20 full bathtubs to equal 1 HCF.

Each month, a PWD mobile unit drives by your home to automatically collect your water usage, which is then reflected on your bill (number 6). We charge for full HCFs each month. For example, you will be billed the same amount if you used 3.1 HCF or 3.9 HCF. However, the remaining water not charged for will roll over to the next month’s bill (for example, if you used 3.9 HCF one month, your first bill would be for 3 HCF and the 0.9 HCF would be added to the following month’s usage and bill).