Notice of Fee Increase:  If you pay your bill through our online bill payment portal, credit card/debit card fees will be increasing, no earlier than February 20, 2023.  There is NO fee to pay using a checking or savings accounts.

How do I remove or change my credit card or bank account number for online payments?

Third-Party Services (Other than PWD): You must notify the company that manages your payment withdrawal when you have a credit card or banking account change. Most companies allow you to make the change yourself on their website.

PWD's online account management and bill pay system: If you pay your bill on PWD’s website, select the Pay Bill link at the PWD Home Page and sign in.

In the main menu select Payment. Then select Pay Online to get to the payment portal.  Here you will see a link at the top, My Profile.  Here you can make changes to your payment method.