How do I read my bill?

Back of the Bill

How to read your statement:

1. Account Number

With the conversion to the new software program, all account numbers have changed. Please make a note of your new number.

2. Payment Cut Off Date

Your bill may be higher than you expected. It may not reflect your most recent payment if we received it after the bill was printed.

3. Account Detail

This section details your previous balance, payments, adjustments, and current charges. The headings indicate whether your water charges are based on member or non-member rates and which municipality sets your wastewater rates.

4. Meter Type

This code refers to the type of meter you have - P is for primary and S is for submeter.

5. Prior and Current Meter Reading

Deduct the previous reading from the current reading to determine your water consumption.

6. Consumption

This shows your usage measured in hundred cubic feet. For example: 1 hundred cubic feet=748 gallons of water. Generally, your wastewater charge is based on your water usage.

7. Notes

This customer message changes monthly for customer service bulletins and seasonal announcements.

8. Estimated Reading

If your bill was estimated, the reason for the estimate will appear in this section.

9. Your 13-Month Consumption Summary

This new bill feature lets you compare your current water and wastewater consumption to the previous 12 months consumption. It also shows how many days are included in the billing period. If there are more days in the period, your consumption may be higher. Less days may cause your consumption to be lower. Additional reasons for higher consumption may be an addition to your household, a seasonal change (watering lawns), or a plumbing leak that needs to be repaired.

10. Payment Address

Payments should be made payable to the Portland Water District and sent to PO Box 6800 in Lewiston, Maine. Do not send payments to the Portland Water District’s Portland office.

11. Message Area

This area will display a message stating, Final Bill, Credit Balance, or Pay Online if one of these conditions applies to you.

12. Payment Selection

If you wish to specify a payment amount for water and wastewater, please enter it here.

13. Late Fees / Pay Online Auto-Pay

Information about late fee rates and how late fees can be avoided is displayed in this area. If you are enrolled in our Pay Online Auto-Pay Program, the date your payment will automatically be deducted from your account will appear in this section.