Scott Firmin

Director of Wastewater Services

Mr. Firmin joined the Portland Water District in 2001 as an Operations Engineer in the Wastewater Services Department. After holding the position of wastewater plant and systems manager, Mr. Firmin was promoted to the Director of Wastewater Services where he is responsible for the operations of the Distict's collection and interception systems, pump stations, and treatment plants across six communities in the Greater Portland area.

Before joining the District, Firmin worked as a project manager for Applied Water Management in Taunton, Massachusetts. Prior to that, he spent over nine years as an engineer at one of the country’s largest treatment plants in Newark, New Jersey.

Firmin received a MBA from the University of Southern Maine and holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Maine and maintains the highest level of Maine wastewater licensure, Grade 5 and a Grade IV NEWEA Voluntary Collections System Certification.