Due to construction, we will not be conducting a rain barrel sales event in 2024. Please check back in 2025. 

Damage Claims

If you have experienced damage due to work performed by the Portland Water District, you may file a claim with us. We will carefully and swiftly review your claim. Our goal is to settle claims as soon as possible.

For your convenience, you may complete and print the claim form below and mail it immediately with copies of bills and/or receipts to: Claims, Portland Water District, P.O. Box 3553, Portland, Maine 04104. If you submit the form online, you MUST ATTACH BACK UP MATERIALS INCLUDING BILLS, RECEIPTS, ETC.  (In the event the District is liable for the damages, no expenses will be paid without full documentation.) You may also call our customer service department at 774-5961 and request a claim form be mailed to you. URGENT claims for damages should be called in to our 24-hour hotline at 761-8300.

Once we receive your written claim we may arrange to send our personnel or an insurance adjuster to investigate the damages. Please be advised that our Terms and Conditions and Maine law preclude us from paying claims if there is no legal liability on our part. The District is protected from liability on most claims by the Maine Tort Claims Act. You may want to promptly put your insurance agent on notice while the District investigates your claim, in the event the District is not liable for your damages.

During the claims investigation process, please call 774-5961 Ext. 3144 if you have any questions or concerns about the status of your claim.