Water Treatment Plant Systems Operator

Purpose/Customer Impact: Perform monitoring, maintenance and operational tasks necessary for the safe and efficient operation of processes associated with the Sebago Lake Water Treatment Facility (SLWTF), potable water pumping stations, wells and well fields, water storage facilities, intake facilities and water treatment facilities.  Provide after-hours Control Center function as first level of emergency contact for PWD customers, PWD employees, municipalities, fire & police departments, government agencies, and public utilities.

Reporting Relationships:  

Reports to: Chief Plant/Systems Operator or Plant/Systems Foreperson  Direct Reports: None

Interrelationships: Daily contacts with contractors, suppliers, internal employees, customers and the public.

Independent Action: Operate plant and water systems facilities. Provide leadership and management to maintenance personnel in emergency equipment repair and preventive maintenance projects. Required to make water treatment and pumping process modifications to address changing conditions which impact water service levels (pressure, volume, and quality), health, safety, and regulatory compliance issues. Operator is required to make independent decisions, as appropriate, during non-business hours for emergency response pertaining to all District assets.  Position functions largely without direct supervision in eight-hours and/or twelve-hour shift rotations, sometimes in combination within the same work week.  Position will serve 24/7 on-call duty, which may require independent emergency response action to issues that may affect water quality and public health.  

Essential Accountabilities: 
• Perform operational tasks at SLWTF and water-pumping stations that are required to maintain the quality and quantity of water provided to District customers. Tasks include:

  • Monitor system and treatment process performance and implement required process modifications.
  • Maintain the quality of potable water entering the District’s distribution system to conform to the water quality parameters and regulations established by state and federal agencies.
  • Monitor, interpret, record and archive data from treatment plant and pump station process control computers and instrumentation.
  • Perform testing, calibrations, maintenance and emergency repairs on operational equipment.
  • Monitor, operate and respond to SLWTF and water pumping station security system alarms.
  • Provide periodic notification to the District’s industrial customers concerning changes in treatment processes, which impact industrial production processes.

• Transport, maintain, dispose, modify, and monitor chemical (some hazardous) dosages and inventories in accordance with the most recent O.S.H.A. and EPA regulations.
• Collect water distribution samples and perform laboratory procedures to measure required water quality criteria.
• Perform periodic operational maintenance checks (PM’s) at pumping facilities.
• Manage assigned projects to bring about timely and cost effective completion.
• Take initiative to meet or exceed quality standards; take initiative to complete special projects and developmental goals as committed to in the performance management process.
• Research and assist in the creation of procedures and guidelines for optimizing operational and emergency response activities and tasks.
• Maintain accurate records of daily tasks, treatment data, equipment operation and maintenance.
• Perform structural maintenance and custodial duties at SLWTF and other systems’ sites, including snow removal.
• Ability to perform in a rotating shift schedule and perform 24-hour standby coverage, as required to maintain uninterrupted water treatment process oversight.
• Provide security surveillance and emergency response support for all water facilities.  
• Conduct public tours of the District's facilities.
• Provide non-business hours Control Center support for emergencies including but not limited to: a) Notify Fire Departments, governmental agencies, and the District's customers regarding water and wastewater    system activities which could result in service changes or disruptions, b) Communicate and coordinate the District's evacuation activities and underground location activities in conformance with the District's         procedures, including the State's Dig-Safe Law. 

Essential Job Functions:  Sitting, standing, walking, reaching, climbing, squatting, kneeling, twisting, bending, crawling, visual accuracy, clear verbal and written communication, driving, lifting (max 50lbs), keyboard usage, confined space entry.   
Minimum Requirements: An individual must be able to perform Essential Job Functions and Accountabilities satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions. 
• Graduation from an accredited high school or equivalent and recommended vocational level training in electrical, mechanical or environmental fields.
• Possess a valid State of Maine Driver’s License, with a clean driving record.
• Possess a valid State of Maine Class IV Water Treatment and Class IV Distribution Systems Operator’s license.
• Possess one year working experience in the operation and maintenance of a potable water treatment facility that uses ozone, uv and/or chlorine as the primary disinfectant.
• Possess one year working experience in the operation and maintenance of a water pumping, storage and chemical addition systems.
• Working knowledge of basic water laboratory tests and procedures including, but not limited to chlorine residual, pH, turbidity and ozone residual.
• Working knowledge of hydraulics and the interrelationships between treatment, pumping and transmission/distribution systems.
• Ability to function independently, utilizing effective problem solving skills. Apply knowledge, judgment and tact to work towards a prompt resolution. Lead and participate in successfully completing projects with     proven organization skills, integrity and a logical approach.
• Ability to function in a team environment to resolve problems and obtain positive results.
• Well-developed written and oral communication skill. Ability to collaborate with customers in a manner that reflect a positive image of the District.
• Ability to effectively use computer software, including SCADA; MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access; Hansen CMMS and GIS software.
• Ability to read and interpret blueprints and engineering drawings.
• Knowledge of Maine State Dig-Safe regulations.
• Completion of Level II First Responder Hazmat Training.
• Ability to meet approved physical and medical standards required to perform the District’s safety procedures including, but not limited to, the use and handling of hazardous chemicals.
• Training in Confined Space Entry procedures; Lock-out/Tag-Out; Level II First Responder; proper usage of related PPE, including a full faced air purifying respirator, and the associated OSHA regulations.

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