Walnut, Sheridan, North, Washington (Portland)


Project Description: 

PWD will replace existing water main in Walnut Street between Washington Avenue and North Street; North Street between Walnut Street and Montreal Street; Sheridan Street between Walnut Street and 165 Sheridan Street; and Washington Avenue between Walnut Street and Cumberland Avenue in conjunction with the City of Portland project in the same area.


D&C Construction Company, Inc.

Estimated Construction Schedule:

April - November 2018

Traffic Control

Traffic control will be coordinated with the City of Portland for the duration of the project.

Temporary Service

All customers abutting the project will be on temporary service while water mains are being replaced.

Scheduled Water Shutdowns:

If a planned water service shut-off is necessary, affected residents will be notified 48 hours in advance.

PWD Project Engineer

William E. (Ned) Pierce P.E.
Phone: 207-774-5961 ext. 3043
Email: npierce@pwd.org