Sunset over the lake

TroutKids Program

The Portland Water District facilitates the TroutKids Program for schools within the Portland Water District service area and Sebago Lake Watershed (eligibility map on left). Participating schools work with Portland Water District and partners to raise brook trout in their classroom during the winter and early spring, and release the fry in a local stream in the late spring. Portland Water District coordinates trout release field trips for a limited number of middle and/or high school classes while other teachers conduct their trout releases independently.

TroutKids exposes students to a sensitive native species that is dependent upon clean, cold Maine water. The Program provides hands-on science and stewardship opportunities while fostering knowledge about and a connection with Maine’s valuable natural resources.

TroutKids Guide

Information to help you on your TroutKids journey is provided in an online TroutKids Guide. While students of all ages may participate in TroutKids, this Guide is designed for middle and high school audiences. The technical information is appropriate (how to operate the tank, for example) for teachers of any age group and educational information may be modified for younger students.

The Guide is organized into four sections, below. Click on the links below to access the four sections of the Guide, each downloadable as a PDF.

1. Troutkids Program Overview

2. Tank

3.  Learning

4.  Release

These sections, and all TroutKids resources are available at this link: TroutKids. Please contact the Education Coordinator for more information.