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Sebago Lakescaping

Matching grants of up to $1,000 are available to homeowners, and up to $2,000 are available to lake associations, commercial summer camps, and municipalities.

The Portland Water District has launched a new program to help Sebago Lake shorefront property owners restore the natural beauty of their yard. By becoming a Sebago Lakescaper, homeowners and businesses can easily transform shorefront lawns into sanctuaries which reduce pollution in the lake.

Lakescaping--landscaping along lakefront properties—is a growing concept that restores the natural shoreline by replacing lawn with native flowers, groundcovers, trees, and shrubs. This approach allows homeowners to create a tranquil setting that reduces laborious upkeep.

Benefits To Going Native

Native plants, which are the cornerstone to this approach, simply require less water, no fertilizers, and no pesticides to thrive. They also attract beautiful butterflies, birds, and wildlife.

Some common native plants that are recommended for the Sebago Lake region are lowbush blueberry, bearberry, winterberry, and blue flag iris depending on the property’s exposure to sun and soil conditions.

Lowbush blueberry bushes are particularly favored for their strong root system, edible fruit, and low growth.

For more information on keeping Sebago Lake healthy, please visit the Sebago Lake Ecology Center at the intersection of Routes 237 and 35 or contact us.


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Native Plants

Five reasons Lakescaping is for you:

  1. Provides habitat for a wide variety of wildlife
  2. Prevents shoreline erosion
  3. Filters pollutants and runoff that degrade water quality
  4. Reduces yard maintenance and provides more leisure time
  5. Increases property value