Powsland, Mitton, Hooper, Greeley (Portland)

Project Description: 

In conjunction with a City of Portland sewer replacement project, PWD will replace undersized 2" cast iron pipe and old (100+ years) 8" cast iron with new 8" ductile iron main.  Approximately 3,000 feet of water main will be installed as part of the project.


R.E. Coleman

Estimated Construction Schedule:

April - August 2018

Traffic Control

Streets may be closed to through traffic, but all properties will remain accessible.  Three connections will be made in Congress Street - at Mitton, Lassell and Powsland.  Two-way traffic will be maintained on Congress Street during these connections. 

Temporary Service

All customers abutting the project will be on temporary service while water mains are being replaced.

Scheduled Water Shutdowns:

If a planned water service shut-off is necessary, affected residents will be notified 48 hours in advance.

PWD Project Engineer

William E. (Ned) Pierce P.E.
Phone: 207-774-5961 ext. 3043
Email: npierce@pwd.org