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The Portland Water District’s outreach initiatives engage the public through a variety of platforms. We aim to inform and inspire a variety of audiences with the goal of long-term environmental stewardship. Our outreach efforts in the Sebago Lake Watershed and PWD service area (see eligibility map on left) involve collaborations with many partners.

Water Connections Events

This seasonal recreation event series connects Sebago Lake Watershed residents and our customers to resources that affect the Lake’s water quality. Each event allows participants to learn about water quality and our lake protection programs while visiting one of the many trails, forests, mountains, or rivers that influence Sebago Lake. 

Drinking Water Week

Celebrate the vital role water plays in your life! We coordinate diverse events the first week each May. Our initiatives are designed to engage our customers with various aspects of their drinking water, ranging from protection and conservation to treatment, testing, and distribution.

Source Protection Video Series: Protecting a Trillion Gallons of Water

Learn about our source protection programs in this video series. The first short video, which debuted in May 2018 as part of our Drinking Water Week celebration, provides an introduction to the series highlighting programs all designed to protect your drinking water! Subsequent videos cover different aspects of our source protection programs.

Introduction: Part 1

Lower Bay Security: Part 2

Water Quality Monitoring: Part 3

Environmental Education, WaterWays: Part 4

Forest Management: Part 5

Land Conservation: Part 6

Zones of Protection for Drinking Water: Part 7


Introducing the Sebago Lake to Casco Bay Calendar

The Portland Water District draws water from Sebago Lake, disinfects it, and distributes it to hundreds of thousands of faucets. Then, we collect, treat, and return clean water into the Presumpscot River or Casco Bay. Our job is to be the stewards of each of these water droplets as they travel from Sebago Lake to Casco Bay.

Starting in 2024, that’s going to be the theme of our annual calendar. Our popular Images of Sebago Lake calendar will transition to the Sebago Lake to Casco Bay calendar. Don’t worry, we still want to include your beautiful photos of Sebago Lake, but we are also inviting scenic photographs of the Presumpscot River and Casco Bay.

Please send us photos of:

Sebago Lake Region

Please continue to submit photos of Sebago Lake and the tributaries that drain to it. Photos must contain the lake or one of the tributaries in the photo.

Presumpscot River

The Presumpscot River is the outlet of Sebago Lake and also the receiving river of the Westbrook/Gorham Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility, so we are committed to helping keep it clean. Scenic photos must include the river.

Casco Bay

PWD is also committed to helping to keep Casco Bay clean. Casco Bay receives water from the East End Wastewater Treatment Facility, as well as facilities on Peaks Island and in Cape Elizabeth. Please submit photos of Casco Bay in the Portland Water District service area of Falmouth, Cumberland, Portland (including the islands), South Portland, and Cape Elizabeth. Scenic photos must include water.  

Submit a photo


Sebago Lake Protection Office

Located in Standish across from Sebago Lake, the Sebago Lake Protection Office houses our water resources, education, and security staff. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). To learn more about Office resources, click on the link above.

Sebago Lake Land Reserve

The 1700-acre Land Reserve, located in Standish and Gorham, is open to the public for passive recreation.  The largest contiguous parcel boasts over 13 miles of well-maintained, wooded trails. Click on the link above for more information, including a trail map, permitted activities, and kiosk locations.


We provide a plethora of publications relating to both our source protection initiatives and the Portland Water District. Click the link above to browse our list.

Source Protection Efforts

We regularly work with the public to protect the water quality of Sebago Lake. Visit the Watershed Protection section of our website to learn more about technical support, LakeScaping grants, our Watershed Land Conservation Program, and more!

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