COVID 19 Response Update

COVID 19 Response Update


As we approach the end a year navigating the many changes and challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presented, I wanted to share with you a current picture of where we are today. 

Our top priority remains the safety of our employees and partners so we can continue to serve customers with essential water and wastewater services. We have adapted and made many changes over the past year in how we do our business, engage with customers, and deliver services. Now that the vaccine is being administered, we look forward to soon returning to a normalcy that includes face-to-face engagement and human connection.

Here is a list of some current adjustments that are still in place as a result of COVID-19. 

  • Travel restrictions for employees and virtual participation in public and vendor meetings continues.
  • Social distancing guidelines remain in effect.
  • Employees are required to wear masks at all work sites. 
  • Elevated levels of cleaning and disinfection continue at the various work areas.
  • Our administrative building, customer service center, and facilities remain closed to the public. 
  • Public tours remain suspended. The Sebago Lake Land Reserve is still open, yet the permitting process remains suspended.
  • Our in-person environmental and water education programs have shifted to virtual resources, available to everyone here:


The prolonged pandemic has impacted us all in significant ways, and we understand that it has stretched financial resources for some customers. While the disconnection process resumed in 2021, late fees remain suspended and we remain vigilant in assisting our in-need customers with flexible payment plans and compassionate assistance. We encourage customers to contact us if you are having difficulty paying your PWD bill, you may be eligible for financial assistance. There are also new programs that can assist you in paying your bills. 

Maine Housing Authority, Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance:

City of Portland Rental and Utility Assistance: 

Stay safe and healthy,


Carrie Lewis

General Manager



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