Popular Maine student-published book expands reach as Apple iBook


    Discovering Water, a book created to share information about water in Maine and the world, is now available as both a free iBook and interactive flipbook with videos and quizzes! Both the print and electronic versions of the book were designed entirely by students at Windham High School.  Students and staff worked alongside the Portland Water District to create an authentic learning product for middle school students to cover topics such as the water cycle, water pollution, water quality testing, and stewardship. “I have learned a lot working on the Discovering Water iBook Creation Team, beyond the science of water,” shared Amanda O’Connor, Windham High School senior and iBook Student Leader. “I’m grateful for this experience and know that I will continue to use the skills I have acquired.”

    In March of 2018, the iBook was released with videos and interactive reviews added to each chapter to supplement and encourage learning. “It’s been a great experience. What started out as a jumble of ideas back in 2016 turned into a polished final product that I’m proud to have been a part of,” observed Libby McBride, Windham High School senior and iBook Student Leader. The book had been previously distributed to all 6th grade science teachers and middle school librarians in the Sebago Lake Watershed and within the Portland Water District service area in southern Maine.

   “We are thrilled to recreate this book on a platform that is more accessible and engaging,” stated Sarah Plummer, Portland Water District’s Environmental Education Coordinator. The iBook can be downloaded for free in the iBooks Store on all Apple products or accessed as an interactive flipbook at www.discoveringwater.org.

Photo caption: left: Mandi O’Connor (dark hair), right: Libby McBride (lighter hair).



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