HP Hood Recognized For Excellence In Industrial Wastewater Management


HP Hood was recently recognized for their outstanding industrial wastewater management with the 2018 Industrial Achievement Award presented by Maine Water Environment Association.

As an industrial dairy connected to the Portland sewer system, HP Hood's wastewater has the potential to disrupt treatment at the East End Wastewater Treatment Facility and ultimately impact the quality of water being released into Casco Bay.  Hood does an excellent job operating and maintaining their facility and is committed to compliance with their industrial pretreatment permit.  As an example of their commitment to reducing product and chemicals entering the wastewater system, Hood has installed spill alarms on some floor drains and implemented internal processes that minimize spills and adjust pH levels of the effluent.  In addition, they reuse and recycle water for various heating and cooling processes throughout the plant. 

The Portland Water District administers the Portland Industrial Pretreatment (IPT) Program, the largest in the state, overseeing 26 industrial users and regulating the wastewater they release into Portland’s sewer system.  Waste from these industries must meet certain criteria for various metals, sediments, and oil and grease. The City and Portland Water District work with industries to monitor waste and establish and install measures to ensure continued compliance with discharge permits. Recently administrative efforts were consolidated under the Portland Water District to streamline the program and maximize efficiencies.

In the picture, Rebekah Sirois of the Portland Water District and Ben Pearson of the City of Portland, Maine jointly present the award to Jerry Witham, Production Manager at Hood.