After community input, Board decides public art space stays


After a lengthy review which included a public hearing, the Portland Water District’s Board of Trustees decided Monday the wall at the EEWWTF will remain open to public art. 

Issues surrounding the public art display were brought up by a concerned citizen back in the fall.  The Board’s Planning Committee solicited public comment and in addition to numerous responses, approximately 50 people attended a public hearing on January 25.  Only a tiny fraction of the public spoke against maintaining the wall as a canvas for public art. 

The Planning Committee carefully considered the comments and the status of the wall and recommended to the full Board that it remain open for use by the public for public art. There was no further action on the issue at the Board meeting since the recommendation was to maintain status quo.

After the decision, Trustee Gary Libby stated, “I think it’s important to let the people know that support the use of the wall as it is, need not be concerned that we will change the policy.”