Hydrant Meter Use

Applicant will be responsible for the security and protection of Portland Water District property.  It is the responsiblity of the customer to adapt their application to fit the connections provided on the Hydrant Meter Assemblies.

Winter Hydrant Meter Use

It is the responsiblity of the applicant to protect the hydrant meter and hydrant, including keeping it from freezing.  The applicant will be fully liable for any damage to the equipment or infrastructure of the Portland Water District.

I have read the rules and requirements for hydrant meter use. https://www.pwd.org/sites/default/files/pdf/terms-and-condition5-1-2019.pdf
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Hydrant Meter Use

Fire hydrants may not be used for any purpose other than extinguishing fires, training, or for such other purposes as may be agreed upon by the District and the municipality or owner of the private hydrant.  In no case shall fire hydrants be operated by a person other than an agent of the District, except when used for fire protection or training purposes.

If the District approves a request, unless otherwise authorized, the District will install a hydrant meter and will assess a fee of $100 if installed and removed during normal business hours and $165 during non-business hours.