How do I sign up for automatic, monthly bill payments (Auto-Pay)?

To sign up for automatic payments, please visit MyOnlineBill at to register your account.

Do you have an unpaid bill?

  • Yes. Take a moment to make a one-time, online payment by clicking the red Pay Now tab. This opens up options to select Pay Now or to Enter a Schedule Payment date. Then click the Auto-pay Setup box to establish automatic payments for your future bills.
  • No, my bill is paid in full. Once signed in to your online account, click the red Auto-pay tab at the bottom of the screen and follow prompts to establish automatic payment of your future bills. Enter your bank account or credit card information as prompted. (There is no fee for paying with a checking or savings account; there is a processing fee if paying with a debit or credit card. Automatic payments will begin with your next bill.  If you have an outstanding balance and would like to bring the account current prior to new charges being added, select the “pay now” option to make a one time payment. If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 207.761.8310.