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Education is a key component to protecting Sebago Lake and the surrounding habitats. The Portland Water District and area educators work together to help foster environmentally responsible and knowledgeable citizens. Through collaboration and sharing of resources, PWD works to be a valuable asset to educators.  Below are PWD programs available to support teachers with their water-related education and curriculum.  Please contact the education coordinator with questions or to find out how to create a partnership with the Portland Water District.


  • Water Education Grants
    Grants are available for education related to water, including supplies, curricula and field trips! Individuals can receive a maximum of $100 while a collaborative group of three or more teachers can receive up to $300. Click the link above to access our easy online application and more information.
  • Equipment/Materials to Loan
    Educators are welcome to borrow our kits, models, and other supplies to enhance students’ learning about water.
  • In-School Education Programs
    Learn more about PWD’s year-long WaterWays program and other in-school opportunities.
  • Discovering Water Book
    Published in May 2015, Discovering Water was researched, written, edited, illustrated, photographed, and conceptually designed entirely by students at Windham High School. Students and WHS staff worked alongside PWD to create an authentic learning product that complements our in-school programs. The book is designed for a middle school audience, and covers topics such as the water cycle, pollution, water quality testing, and stewardship. Below are high and low resolution versions of the book. You may also contact the education coordinator to inquire about receiving a hard copy.

               High resolution (41 MB)                Low resolution (3 MB)

  • Wastewater 101 Kit
    This kit, designed for students in grades 3-8, contains a DVD with an eight minute video created by King Middle School students describing how Portland's East End Wastewater Treatment facility works, a binder containing background info, lesson plans, and information, and a booklet containing photos of a typical wastewater treatment plant. Learn how wastewater treatment uses science, technology,engineering, math, and environmental stewardship along with protection of public health. Contact the education coordinator to request a kit.