Educator Resources

Education is a key component to protecting Greater Portland’s source of drinking water, Sebago Lake, and other local water resources. The Portland Water District and area educators work together to foster environmentally responsible and knowledgeable citizens. Through collaboration and sharing resources, PWD works to be a valuable asset to educators.

Below are resources available to support educators with their water-related education and curriculum. 

Virtual Resources

We have created high-quality educational resources related to water. These resources are useful and available to anyone, and include videos, playlists, lesson plans, and more. They include:

Loanable Water Education Resources

PWD loans equipment and materials related to water education. Educators are welcome to borrow our kits, models, and other supplies to enhance students’ learning about water. Supplies are limited. To inquire about availability, please send an email to  

Discovering Water Book

Published in 2015, “Discovering Water” was researched, written, edited, illustrated, photographed, and designed entirely by students at Windham High School. Students and staff worked alongside PWD to create an authentic learning product that complements our education programs. The book is designed for a middle school audience, and covers topics such as the water cycle, pollution, water quality testing, and stewardship. An ibook version of the book, featuring videos and interactive quizzes for each chapter, was completed by Windham High School students in 2018.

To learn more about this innovative project, visit

  • You can access “Discovering Water” three ways:
    • High and low resolution PDFs are available below or here.
    • Download the ibook version from the iBook Store: Directions.

               High resolution (41 MB)                Low resolution (3 MB)