Control Center/Customer Service Coordinator - Portland Water District

Probationary 6 month rate of $21.56 - Regular rate of $22.69 

Purpose/Customer Impact: This position is responsible for emergency communication and is the first point of contact for the emergency telephone line; provides security for the Douglass Street building; responds to water and wastewater alarms; provides dispatching and other support services for field personnel; maintains and updates asset and billing records; processes work orders and reports; greets and assists customers at the front desk; operates the switchboard to direct calls to their proper location; and is responsible for obtaining timely, accurate meter readings used to generate water and waste water bills, including the upload and download of meters.  Computer systems will be utilized to run reports and collect, analyze, update, save, retrieve, and process data. Posting disconnection notices is also a job requirement.  Contact with customers will be encountered in the course of obtaining meter readings, posting notices, and following up on meter equipment problems or irregular usage.  Safe and courteous driving practices are essential. 

A change of work schedule, on short notice, may occur when a fill in situation arises.

Reporting Relationships:  
Reports to: Director of Customer Service.  May receive direction from the Customer Service Supervisor.  
Direct Reports: None. 
Interrelationships: Daily contact with District employees, customers, vendors, clients, job candidates, or municipal officials. 

Independent Action: Limited direct supervision, recommendation authority.  A portion of the work schedule occurs at a time when there is not direct supervision.  Problem solving and implementing standard operating procedures are required.  

Essential Accountabilities:
• Respond to the emergency telephone line, asses the problem, and determine the proper response to resolve the issue.  During a main break or other emergency, a telephone message must be recorded and updated periodically.
• Provide information to field personnel by radio, telephone or computer system in accordance with District standards. Maintain an accurate Communications Log.
• Use all information management systems effectively to provide research; initiate, schedule and process work; answer questions; and update, analyze and query data.
• Monitor District’s telemetry system (SCADA). In case of an alarm signal from remote water or wastewater facilities, initiate corrective procedures.
• Monitor and operate Douglass Street security system.   Confidentiality may be required when monitoring videos or creating, updating or expiring employee badges.
• Notify Fire Departments, governmental agencies, the media and the District’s customers regarding water and wastewater system changes or disruptions. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
•     Reduced water supply due to emergency shutdowns, fire flows, etc.
•     Fire hydrants "out" and "in" service.
•     Emergencies that affect wastewater collection, interception and treatment.
• Communicate and coordinate the District's excavation activities and underground location activities in conformance with the District’s procedures, and the State’s Dig-Safe Law.
• Coordinate Emergency Call-In Procedures for the District’s employees, including notification of the appropriate personnel.
• Coordinate private use of fire hydrants in compliance with the District’s procedures.
• Provide information to the District’s field personnel and local emergency response entities during hazardous material emergencies using the MSDS Master Manual.
• Perform record keeping and clerical tasks to maintain accurate asset and billing information.
• Perform Customer Service functions, including but not limited to; answering and directing switchboard calls; greeting and assisting customers and visitors at the front desk; taking payments; selling submeters; processing adjustments; processing work orders and reports; and providing accurate and timely meter readings by using all available methods, such as: manual reading; mobile collection; touch pad; visual reader; or handheld unit.  Meter reading services, including the upload and download of meters.  In addition, support for AMAP and MEANS process activities will be required as needed.
• Exhibit safe and courteous driving practices
• Download meters to be read from the billing system into the meter reading device
• Upload unbilled meter readings from the meter reading device into the billing system
• Identify and estimate unread meters
• Analyze data and follow-up on  reports that identify possible metering equipment issues such as: high use; low use; zero use and consecutive estimated readings 
• Create a meter reading schedule 
• Post disconnection notices at tenant properties
• Design the safest and most efficient way to obtain meter readings, utilizing GPS or other tools
• Take initiative to meet or exceed quality standards and complete special projects or assignments. 
• Prepare and maintain accurate location and construction records for the District's facilities.  
• Prepare location and permit application in compliance with State law.  
• Resolve issue in compliance with the appropriate regulations, including the Maine Public Utilities Commission's Rules and Regulations. 
• Perform other related duties as assigned. 

Essential Job Functions:  Extensive keyboard usage, telephone usage, clear verbal and written communications, driving, sitting, reaching, walking, twisting, bending, standing, kneeling, climbing, visual and hearing accuracy, lifting (max 25 lbs.) 

Minimum Requirements: An individual must be able to perform Essential Job Functions and Accountabilities satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.
• Two year degree in Business Administration/Office Administration or related field.  Two years’ experience with a water or wastewater utility, preferably in an emergency dispatch or construction environment.  This may be substituted for the education requirement. 
• Ability to work overtime with a flexible schedule, work hours may change on short notice.
• Possess a valid Maine driver's license with a clean driving record.
• Ability to present ideas and information clearly, and remain calm in emergency situations or during periods of high operational activity. 
• Ability to obtain positive results in adverse situations.
• Possess superior oral and written communication skills, with the ability to present information and ideas clearly, using proper grammar.  Oral communication requires a well-modulated, pleasant voice and tone.
• Present a neat appearance to promote a professional image of the District.
• Must have Proficient/Intermediate level knowledge of Microsoft Office software, including MS Word, Excel, and Outlook.
• Overall alpha/numeric data entry score of "good" or better.
• Ability to perform basic math functions, including percentage.
• Ability to function in a team environment where operational guidance comes from multiple sources.  
• Must be self-motivated with the ability to work without direct supervision.
• Ability to work with a telemetry system and GIS.
• Must have ability to work in an environment where certain security related information must be kept confidential.
• Strong attention to detail.
• State of Maine Class I Water Operator's License preferred.
• Ability to interpret construction drawings is a plus.  

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