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Annual Reports

2014 Annual Water Quality Report

Financial Reports
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2015 Budget

2014 Budget

2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report


Portland Water District's customer bill insert

Watershed News
The Watershed News is distributed to residents and businesses around Sebago Lake and provides unique information on environmental lake living.
PDF Document Summer Edition, 2014
PDF Document Winter Edition, 2014

PDF Document Brochures and Environmental Fact Sheets

Erosion Control For Homeowners Vegetative Streambank Stabilization
Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Groundcover Fertilizer Basics
Silt Fencing and Hay Bale Barriers Vegetated Phosphorus Buffer Strips
Lakes Love Less Lawn  


 PDF Document Conservation Fact Sheet Series

  Construction BMPS  Planting and maintaining buffers
  Dripline Trench  Plants - shade and moist to wet
  Dry Wells  Plants - partial sun and moist to wet
  Erosion Control Mix  Plants - full sun and moist to wet
  Infiltration Steps - retrofit  Plants - full sun and dry
  Infiltration Steps - new  Plants - shade and dry
  Infiltration Trench  Plants - partial sun and dry
  Lake Shoreline Riprap  Rain Barrels
  Live Staking   Rain Garden
  Open top culvert  Rubber Razors
  Paths & Walkways  Turnouts
  Permitting  Waterbar
  Pervious Pathway


PDF Document Sebago Lake: State Of The Lake Report 2012

PDF Document Sebago Lake: State Of The Lake Report 2008


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History of the Portland Water District

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