Portland Water District Facts
About The Size Of It
Employees: 180
Customers: 50,000
Service Area: 140 sq miles
Daily average of
Water delivered:
21 million gallons
Water Mains: 1,000 miles
Hydrants: 4,870
Wastewater Pipe: 95 miles
Wastewater Pump Stations: 69
Wastewater Treatment Plants: 4

Our Customers
The Portland Water District (PWD) is a independent quasi-municipality and a non profit. It serves nearly 200,000 people – 50,000 customers – in 11 Greater Portland communities. We deliver water service to Falmouth, Raymond, Scarborough, South Portland, Standish, and Windham, and provide both water and wastewater service to Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Gorham, and Portland, Westbrook.

Where It All Starts

Sebago Lake is the water source for nearly 100% of our customers (wells in Steep Falls supply the remainder). Sebago Lake water is exceptionally clear, soft, and colorless-clean enough to be exempt from the expensive filtration process required with most surface water sources.

Protecting Sebago Lake and preserving the quality of the water supply is one of our highest priorities. PWD owns more than 2,500 acres of land around the intake at the southern end of the lake and leads a number of environmental protection efforts, including community outreach, security, and lake monitoring programs.

Partnering To Protect The Environment
While we are responsible for water service from source to customer, wastewater services are delivered through a partnership between each municipality and PWD. And because of our concern for the environment, we conduct one of the largest “Industrial Pretreatment Programs” in the state, overseeing the industrial waste released into the wastewater system.

Serving Our Customers
Customer service is not limited to ‘normal business hours’ anymore. Customers can access their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone and on the web.

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